Thank you to all the people and organizations who support this work and this vision!


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“Jocelyn brings warmth, heart, and deliciousness to every meal she creates. She nurtured us thoroughly at the 2015 Arts and Social Change Jam, with every meal delighting the community with its beauty, abundance, nutrition, and care. But, not only is the food spectacular, so is Jocelyn’s presence. She is so loving and generous that it makes it doubly easy to work with her and trust in the excellence she will provide. We can’t wait to have her back for this year’s Jam and many more to come!”
— Shilpa Jain, Executive Director, YES!,, Berkeley, California

“Jocelyn’s love, care and integrity radiate through her smile and food. I have worked with her in multiple contexts from large scale weeklong retreats to an intimate and high stakes luncheon of 5. At every event, she exceeded expectations. Her cuisine is always spectacular and her warmth and joy exude through the whole journey. She has gone above and beyond at every event I have hosted. She even created a recipe book to distribute to guests at the end of a weeklong retreat so we could all take her magic home with us. Justus Kitchen is truly a gift.”
— Cherine Badawi, Founder at Thrive Trainings & Consulting

“‘This, I do believe… everything is gonna be all right.’ Jocelyn Jackson emanates grace and beauty in song, service and seasonal offerings of delicious organic dishes. Her red velvet beet cake is one specialty that shouldn’t be missed, and all of the tasty starters from the sunflower seed pate to the curried cauliflower spread, it’s ALL good!”
— Angela Sevin, Co-Founder at Beyond Separation & The Green Life at San Quentin

“From the moment I first met Jocelyn it was obvious that food was her platform for creating connection and health for the people in her community. Her generosity of spirit is present in every dish and with every event I have seen her host. I still remember the very first dish I tasted that she prepared - a chilled melon soup with roasted corn topping. It was one of four or five courses she offered created from one farmer’s CSA box. The summer season was encapsulated in that soup, the flavors and textures were in total harmony with each other - I felt, with one small cup, more relaxed and present to the bounty that surrounds us all the time of beautiful food and creative people. Since then, I can’t wait to find out each new idea or dish Jocelyn effortlessly creates - as I trust I will be inspired and delighted.”
— Paige Phinney, Associate Director at Kitchen Table Advisors
“I first experienced Jocelyn’s cooking and creating at a gathering at the David Brower Center in Berkeley.

A meal with Jocelyn nourishes palate, body and soul. Every detail is infused with integrity and heartfulness, from the sourcing of the ingredients to the stories she shared from her life and those of the many hands involved. I walked away feeling more connected to the people in the room and the larger, interconnected cultural moment.

Her joyfulness is contagious. Her songs soul stirring. I go out of my way to be nourished by her and can’t recommend her enough!”
— Rahmin Sarabi, Organizational Design Consultant & Leadership Coach
“Not only does Jocelyn create extraordinary meals, she creates community. Each meal is a complete nourishing experience, and each bite is infused with inspiration, love and connection.”
— Jesse Lyn Stoner, Co-author of the international bestseller Full Steam Ahead: Unleash the Power of Vision and Founder of Seapoint Center for Collaborative Leadership
“Jocelyn brings to life ingredients from the hearth. She made a point to meet every producer to understand their story. It was very thorough and rare. It’s a delight when she introduces her recipes and how ingredients are cooked and combined. Even in autumn, pleasure and color are on the plate. Jocelyn cares about people, life, and the earth in a simple but strong manner. Thank you, Jocelyn, for doing what you do!”
— Léa Septier, former Project Manager for Court Bouillon Conference in Grasse, France
“When the Oakland Peace Center hosted a day-long series of trainings for our third anniversary, Jocelyn of Justus Kitchen really sustained the souls as well as the bodies of our participants. People raved about the comfort food of black eyed peas, rice and greens on a cold day, participants connected with food and the earth and their heritage during the workshop Jocelyn offered in the afternoon on food justice, and never have we hosted a movie screening with such elegant snacks as we had that night. And that’s the joy of Justus Kitchen: the food is elegant, soul-connected, and loving, and so is the connection you get with Jocelyn. We’re proud to get to work with her, because she makes us better people in the process of nourishing and sustaining our work.”
— Sandhya Jha, Director, Oakland Peace Center
“I have been in the presence of Justus Kitchen in several venues: thrive gathering, weekly potlucks, my kickstarter event, etc. What shines through each time is the love that is so present in Jocelyn’s food. From the excitement she exhibits over the process to the thoughtfulness in each dish, it becomes apparent that the food experience is about much more than just food. With Justus Kitchen, food becomes an experience full of learning, appreciation and love. Each time I eat this food, I learn about recipes, ingredients and cooking processes. Each time I eat this food, I learn to appreciate the mindfulness and thought process that goes into the meal. And each time I eat this food, I am reminded that eating food is synonymous with experiencing love. I feel so beyond grateful to be able to enjoy the delicious food and amazing experience of the meal with Justus Kitchen on a regular basis. It is a real treat and brings food to the next level!”
— Maya Weir, yoga therapist and founder of Yoga With Maya