Jocelyn Jackson’s passion for seasonal food, social justice, creativity, and community is rooted in a childhood spent on the Kansas plains, where her large, vibrant family would sing a song before sitting down at the table to share a soulful meal. 

With a background in fine arts, law, and environmental education and projects that took her to West Africa and Southern India, Jocelyn has created a dynamic lived experience that informs her approach to cooking for beloved community. She’s also presented on the principles of community nourishment at Court Bouillon in Southern France, and back home in Oakland for the Fusion of Food and Yoga series at Anasa Yoga.

Jocelyn enjoys collaborating with a wide range of wonderful people and organizations including Magnolia Street neighbors for the 500 person STREETS! community meal - supported by the Kenneth Rainin Foundation Open Spaces public art grant - Community Food Market, BALLE, Bryant Terry, Youth Speaks / Life is Living, Impact HUB Oakland, Real Food Real Stories, MoAD, Kitchen Table Advisors, NUMI Tea, YES!, and Late Nite Art.

Jocelyn is beginning her eighth year of full hearted cooking.  She founded JUSTUS Kitchen, and co-founded People’s Kitchen Collective, to continue to create food experiences that inspire people to reconnect with themselves, the earth, and one another with the goal of collective liberation. And she still starts every meal with a song.

Videos from Jocelyn's time with People’s Kitchen Collective: